UScellular offers tips to maximize the mobile gaming experience

March 15, 2021

More people are playing online games now than ever before and are using mobile phones as their primary device for doing so.1 It allows anyone from casual, single-player gamers to those who compete regularly as a squad to play anytime from anywhere. These advantages contributed to mobile gaming seeing a 12% surge of gamers in 2020.2

“Smartphones are always within reach and we’re seeing people of all ages using their devices for gaming as a way to stay entertained and connected to others,” said Nathan Waddell, UScellular’s director of sales in East Tennessee. “With the rapid adoption of mobile devices for gaming, data speed, accessories and security have become important issues for helping take their hobby to the next level.”

UScellular wants to help mobile gamers enhance their experience and offers the following tips:

  • A strong, reliable network connection is fundamental. It impacts a gamer’s response time. Checking network settings, closing open pages in the web browser and disabling or uninstalling apps that are no longer needed will also limit game lags and result in faster speeds.
  • Gaming should be taken into consideration when making smartphone selections. A mobile phone’s processor, screen size, storage capacity, random access memory (RAM) and battery life are all important. The iPhone® 12 Pro and Galaxy S21 are said to be among the best mainstream devices for gaming.3 UScellular also offers the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, which when combined with the optional LG Dual Screen allows a user to control the game on one screen and see the action on the other.
  • Accessories aren’t limited to fashion. From ports, controllers and grips to headphones and battery packs, there are a wide range of technology accessories available in the marketplace designed for gaming on mobile devices. This includes noise-cancelling, wireless headphones like JBL TUNE600BTNC Wireless Headphones, which help block out distractions, and the Ubio Labs Wireless Portable Charger (4-in1) for quick, on-the-go charging.
  • Safety precautions are paramount when social gaming. Social, multi-player games ranging from Words with Friends 2 to Fortnite, are becoming increasingly popular. These games allow users to play with friends or other people on the gaming platforms. Usernames, profiles and gaming histories are means by which individuals can unintentionally provide others with their name, age, location and more. Make sure to use generic usernames and vary names and passwords across platforms.

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