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UScellular offers technology tips for Mental Health Awareness Month

May 16, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s an important time to provide and seek out positive resources that lead to a healthier life. In honor of the month, UScellular is encouraging everyone to better their mental health by connecting with the people around them and taking a break from their phones.

A recent UScellular survey shows that 34% of people said they could use a break from their phone, while 30% of respondents said they wish they were less dependent on their phones.

UScellular recently launched Phones Down for 5, where users are challenged to put down their phones for five days, five hours or even just five minutes to break this reliance on their device and have a reset moment with their technology.

“At UScellular, we want everyone to prioritize their mental health and connect with what matters most,” said Thomas White, director of sales for Tennessee at UScellular. “By taking the Phones Down for 5 Challenge, we hope that our customers can create a healthier balance with technology, learn more about their smartphone behavior and reset their relationship with technology for the better.”

UScellular offers the following tips to participate in Mental Health Awareness Month:

Get US Mode – Did you know your smartphone offers customizable settings that will help reset your relationship with technology? UScellular will now help any customer or non-customer design their own US Mode settings, including disabling non-human push notifications, eliminating red notification bubbles for apps and enabling pre-set quiet times for a much-needed break from your device. US Mode can be set up online or at any UScellular location for free.

Set break times and track usage – Taking a break from screens – even for just five minutes – can help reduce stress and allow space to develop closer relationships with those around you. Screen breaks not only benefit your mental health, but also physical health as well. Additionally, Apple’s Screen Time and Google’s Digital Wellbeing give users the ability to track their usage across apps.

Do something fun – Rather than being on your device, take part in an activity that you enjoy. Journaling, taking a yoga class, cooking your favorite meal or hosting a game night are all great ways to focus on your well-being and others.

Disconnect wisely – Work or personal needs may dictate not being able to disconnect completely – and that’s OK. One option could be to move tasks you typically do on your phone to a computer (e.g., email, surfing the internet, scrolling social media). This can help you stay connected as needed but not necessarily be connected everywhere you go.

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