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Small business can take advantage of secure online tax resources

April 28, 2021

UScellular shares tips for filing taxes after a year like 2020

As many have experienced, the ongoing pandemic disrupted everyone’s day-to-day routines, where social distancing and using virtual tools to stay connected are the new norms. As businesses tried to weather the coronavirus storm, many looked for ways to support employees while still serving customers. Programs like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) helped small businesses apply for loans to keep their workers on payroll, but as businesses continue to be impacted, it is important to know how programs like these may affect taxes in 2021.

“With more businesses transitioning to an online and virtual format now more than ever, having a fast network and knowing where to find resources can help tax-filing go smoothly and efficiently,” said Nathan Waddell, UScellular’s director of sales in East Tennessee. “At UScellular, we are dedicated to keeping communities and businesses connected, especially during potentially stressful times like tax season.”

UScellular offers the following tips and resources for small businesses on how to safely and conveniently e-file their taxes online:

  • Security is paramount. When it comes to financial information, security is a priority. UScellular recommends apps and programs that require security authentication such as facial identification, fingerprints and pin numbers. Using a secure Internet connection is also essential to ensure that your personal and financial data is protected.
  • Help for small businesses. The Small Business Association (SBA) maintains a tutorial on navigating the tax code and staying up-to-date on your tax responsibilities as a business owner. The SBA has a helpful guide on choosing the right business structure if you are just starting your business this year. If you can choose which state your business will operate in, then you should consider the small business tax rates, which are available at the Tax Foundation.
  • Take advantage of IRS tax credits. The IRS website has more information about how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects small business owners’ taxes, although the policies are subject to change. There are also additional details on the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit and Coronavirus Tax Relief for a variety of business entities
  • File your taxes using the latest smartphones and apps. For those who may have more straightforward tax filing this year, there are plenty of apps that you can use to help get your taxes done in a timely fashion, and you can do it all from your phone. TurboTax allows users to take a picture of their W-2, answer a few simple questions and e-file securely without ever having to leave home. You can also try IRS2Go to check your refund status or make payments, while Expensify can categorize your business expenses, receipts and quickly create useful expense reports.
  • Use your phone for a virtual consultation. If you don’t feel comfortable filing your business’ taxes on your own, schedule a virtual meeting with an experienced tax professional. Using popular video chat options like Zoom or Google Duo on your smartphone is an easy and convenient way to ensure your business remains penalty-free while also practicing good social distancing measures.

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