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Save money and time by thrifting like Gen Z this holiday season

November 23, 2021

Thrifting is a timeless concept, but today’s version has moved beyond yard sales and donation bins. Younger generations have created a booming business out of desirable vintage items from mid-century modern bar carts to ’90s T-shirts. Reseller stores stock curated, upcycled and renovated items online and in-person, so buyers can skip the search through a bargain box of unsorted goods.

Apps make thrifting even easier by alerting shoppers about sales, coupons and cashback offers. Buying from resellers on mobile apps allows consumers to reduce waste, find personalized gifts, support small business, conveniently shop and save money.

“Our smartphones give us access to a world of local businesses and treasures,” said Nathan Waddell, director of sales for UScellular in East Tennessee. “Apps are wonderful tools to find and connect with retailers, especially small businesses who need our support around the holidays.”

ThredUp and GlobalData report 33 million consumers bought clothing from resellers for the first time in 2020, and 76% of those first-time buyers plan to increase their spending on secondhand items in the next five years.

UScellular is sharing tips to help shoppers jump on this trend just in time for the holidays:

  • Shop local without leaving home. Resale stores such as Mid Mod Collective and Thrift Among the Wildflowers post products for sale on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for alerts or follow the seller’s account to see new items. Consumers also can search these apps using hashtags or keywords to find certain categories. Try searching phrases like “Knoxville vintage home goods,” “#chooseused” and “#thrifted.” Other residents in the area likely are selling items on apps like OfferUp and Letgo. There, buyers can browse, contact sellers and negotiate within the app.
  • Choose apps by products. Apps like Depop have soared in popularity and offer a variety of vintage items. There’s an app for everything, including the upcycled item shoppers could be seeking. For example, Chairish is an app exclusively for luxury home décor. Apps like eBay and Etsy allow users to filter results by location, brand, condition and more. Look for dropdown menus or checkable boxes on the shopping page to filter.
  • Turn on notifications. Set notification settings to “on” to avoid missing a flash sale or alerts on price changes for items. Apps will ask for permission to send notifications, and notification alerts can be customized in a phone’s settings.
  • Save items in the apps. All the apps mentioned allow users to “save” or “favorite” items to revisit them another time. This feature comes in handy when shopping for the best deal or holding off on a purchase. Look for a heart icon on item descriptions to save for later and organize them in categories labeled with the intended recipient.
  • Start shopping early. Forget the overnight Black Friday rush; finding perfectly personalized gifts goes beyond the holidays. For a more relaxed experience, keep an eye on apps all year to stock up on presents for birthdays and other celebrations at the best price – or when a truly unique item pops up.

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