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New concept boutique Truxx Collective brings curated style to Bearden

May 6, 2024

Truxx Collective is open in Bearden with elevated style and a focus on design details across a carefully curated selection of everything from sweats to high-end ready to wear.

Owner Laura Watkins shows off the selection of handpicked styles in the store.

The boutique welcomes customers at 4479 Kingston Pike, a few doors down from The Fresh Market in the Western Plaza Shopping Center.

“I love the idea of a special piece of clothing, tied to memories and emotion, which is more meaningful than any trend or arbitrary rule of fashion,” Truxx owner Laura Watkins said. “My goal is to help people find that feeling and embrace the confidence to wear what makes them happy.”

Watkins fell in love with entrepreneurship at a young age, as her family worked to build Watkins Associated Industries, starting with their first business in the trucking industry.

A bright rack of clothing illustrates the fun and varied nature of the offerings at the store.

“I’ve had a wonderful experience as part of a Knoxville family business, and the word Truxx honors that foundation and a community that has been so supportive,” Watkins said. “I picked the word collective because I hope we will be a point of connection to bring people closer together over shared experiences, self-expression and the joy of discovery.”

Truxx Collective is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and 10 a.m. -4p.m. on Saturdays, and Watkins plans to go beyond the rack to offer events, collaborations and more in the future.

“True fun with style comes when you don’t take it too seriously, so in the store our guests might find a casual hat next to a beaded silk dress,” Watkins said. “We hope it puts a smile on your face that you wear all day.”

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About Truxx Collective
Welcome to Truxx Collective: An idea and a labor of love borne of shared family moments, unexpected treasures and that undefinable bond between women. Truxx owner Laura Watkins fell in love with the idea of entrepreneurship at a young age after watching her family work hard to achieve the vision of an ethics and people-first business in trucking. To honor that foundation, “Truxx” emerged. The word “collective” positions Truxx as more than a store as it becomes a warm, familiar and delightful haven for guests. Style is all about the customer’s experience and where each piece in the closet evokes a memory. Follow @TruxxCollective on Instagram for updates or shop online at