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Mobile devices offer unique advantages for readers to enjoy books

October 15, 2021

While the majority of readers continue to enjoy picking up a physical book, digital book borrowing reached record highs with readers checking out 1 million or more e-books in 2020 at each of 102 different public library systems. In recognition of October being National Book Month, a time dedicated to highlighting the importance of reading, writing and literature, UScellular is providing tips on ways to dive into a book wherever you are thanks to an array of options via mobile devices.

“Reading is a great way to relax, unwind and escape while stimulating your imagination, gaining knowledge and being entertained,” commented Nathan Waddell, director of sales for UScellular in East Tennessee. “Today’s mobile technology makes it easier than ever to enjoy books whenever, wherever and however you like.”

Here are a few of the many reasons why enjoying books on smartphones and tablets is advantageous:

  • Consider the Conveniences: Many book lovers cannot let go of the tangibility of a traditional book, yet the convenience of mobile technology is hard to resist. Mobile devices offer built-in bookstores, automatic bookmarks, the ability to adjust text size and read in the dark, one-finger page turning and syncing across multiple devices. Plus, people can easily lend or recommend audio and ebooks to others.
  • Stay On-the-Go with Audio: With free and minimal-fee monthly subscription options, book lovers can access audiobook retailers like Audible. Individuals can pair audiobooks on a smartphone or tablet with Smartwatches, Connected Home products and audio accessories – including earbuds, wireless headphones and Bluetooth® speakers – allowing easy access to the latest titles while driving, exercising, cleaning, mowing or even taking a bath. Timers can be set, prompting audiobooks to automatically stop after a certain amount of time just in case you happen to fall asleep while listening.
  • Access an Abundance of Apps: Apple Books and Google Play Books are two options found on most mobile devices that allow individuals to browse, sample, buy and read millions of audio and eBooks. These apps also help individuals make reading a habit by allowing them to set and monitor daily reading goals. Cloud Library enables users to conveniently borrow ebooks and audiobooks from local public libraries for free.

To learn more about mobile devices and how they can enhance the reading experience, visit one of our tech experts at the UScellular stores in Knoxville.

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