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October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

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LubriCorp, headquartered in Knoxville with in-state operations in Kingsport and Cleveland, has announced its acquisition by PetroChoice, a leading provider of lubrication solutions that serves 17 states from its base of Pennsylvania. Petro Choice

Together, the companies provide a broad range of lubricants and specialty products for passenger vehicle, commercial and industrial segments. The Tennessee arm of the company will be known as PetroChoice Tennessee. It currently has 45 employees, and all will remain through the acquisition.

Mike Foltz, the former president of LubriCorp, will serve as vice president and general manager of PetroChoice Tennessee.

“PetroChoice is a great fit for us,” Foltz said. “I have been in the lubricants industry for a long time and know many of the distributorship owners who have joined the PetroChoice team. Knowing their professionalism and how well aligned we were in mission and values brought clarity to our decision to become a part of PetroChoice.

“This is great news for our company, and it is great news for Tennessee.”

LubriCorp became one of the Southeast’s leading distributors with service territory in East Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and parts of North Carolina. PetroChoice has a reach throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

“LubriCorp is a great company and we are proud to have them join the PetroChoice family,” said Shane O’Kelly, CEO of PetroChoice. “PetroChoice and LubriCorp share many of the same values, which include dedication to our employees, commitment to building strong customer relationships and our unwavering focus on quality.

“We are excited to build and grow our business together.”

About LubriCorp

LubriCorp is one of the Southeast’s leading full service distributors operating facilities in Knoxville, Kingsport and Cleveland in the state of Tennessee. The company provides a broad range of lubricants and specialty products for the passenger vehicle, commercial and industrial segments. Their distribution reach covers much of the southeastern United States, including East Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, West Virginia and parts of North Carolina.

About PetroChoice

PetroChoice is a leading value-added provider of petroleum based lubrication products and services in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions. The company provides its customers with lubrication solutions to meet their safety, savings and sustainability goals. PetroChoice distributes an extensive product offering of lubricants, coolants, metalworking fluids, equipment, heaters, lifts, auto-lube and filtration systems, and contamination control devices backed by unmatched technical expertise and services.

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