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October 9, 2019

U.S. Cellular Offers Smartphone Tips to Share Your Unique Style, Follow Your Favorite Trends and Find Fashion Deals

Consumers often lack the time or access to peruse retail shops in person and instead choose to keep up with fashion trends and shop from the palm of their hand on a smartphone or tablet. For those who own a smartphone, these devices now outpace more traditional means of accessing the web. Some 46% of smartphone owners say when using the internet, they mostly do so on their phone1.

“The fashion industry has evolved as consumers shift more of their shopping online and to mobile devices. It’s thriving even more thanks to influencers, online retailers and social media,” said Nathan Waddell, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in East Tennessee. “At U.S. Cellular, our associates can help customers use their mobile devices to collect fashion inspiration as well as shopping for everyday wardrobe essentials.”

U.S. Cellular connects consumers to the latest trends with the help of technology and offers the following ideas to help them make the most out of their smartphone when it comes to everything fashion-related:

Follow Your Favorite Brands:

When consumers follow a brand on social media, 77% say they are more likely to buy from that brand over another2. Online retailers who tie their brands to core values, such as sustainability and philanthropy, connect with followers in an even stronger way.

  • To find, follow and support local boutiques, influencers, businesses and designers on social media, search for hashtags such as #shopknox or #knoxvillefashion.
  • Follow Instagram accounts of stores and brands. Retailers often sell new products directly to consumers on social media before they arrive in the store, and followers can shop directly from the post. For Instagram accounts with more than 10,000 followers, viewers can even swipe up on a story to go directly to a webpage or product.

Research a Trend:

  • First, try searching for the trend online. Bloggers and fashion magazines are often the first to spot a trend and provide useful tips including where to find the best items and how to style them.
  • it is a useful app that allows users to search for products or styles, and then gives a variety of links to similar items and options. The profile allows saving and sharing and interfaces beautifully with Instagram.

Find Designer Pieces for Less:

Access Digital Coupons:

  • Before purchasing, check couponing apps such as Retail Me Not and Rakuten for the latest discounts from each brand. Both apps offer insider coupons that may not be easily found on retailers’ websites and can alert users when there are deals on their favorite items.

Get Mobile Stylist Support:

  • Need a stylist’s help but can’t afford a personal consultant? Try one of the popular stylist apps such as StitchFix or Nordstrom-owned luxury app Trunk Club, available for both iOS and Android users. Customers can fill out a questionnaire on preferences and a stylist will ship outfits selected just for them.

Share Your Personal Style:

  • Once you’ve found something you love, share it! Instagram is the top choice for both casual and full-time fashion influencers. Multiple image posts allow users to show off every detail of an outfit. Many influencers tag the brands in the post to help followers find inspiration.
  • Pinterest is another streamlined option, with boards enabling consumers to organize images by type of outfit, season, occasion or any number of other starting points. Once collected, users can share their collections, follow collections and save inspiration to their own pages.

With U.S. Cellular’s reliable national network coverage, customers can find their passion for fashion anywhere.



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