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August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013

Kianne Hilburn
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Restaurants introduce special menu using fresh green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico

 Green chiles are harvested in Hatch, N.M., to flavor dishes at Chuy's Knoxville and all of Chuy's restaurants.

Green chiles are harvested in Hatch, N.M., to flavor dishes at Chuy’s Knoxville and all of Chuy’s restaurants.

Chuy’s 25th annual Green Chile Festival will begin Monday, Aug.19, at Chuy’s Knoxville, located at 9235 Kingston Pike.

Chuy’s will celebrate the Green Chile Festival by following the journey the green chile takes from the farms in Hatch, New Mexico, all the way to the plate at your local Chuy’s.

Chuy’s love for the Green Chile dates back to 1989 when the founders traveled to the “Chile Capital of the World,” Hatch, New Mexico, in search of the perfect pepper to complement their authentic Tex-Mex. The unique climate and rich soil of the Hatch Valley, not found anywhere else in the world, are key to this green chile’s legendary flavor.

Chuy’s commitment to offering the most flavorful pepper on the planet continues today. Each spring Chuy’s contracts with farmers in the Hatch Valley to grow over one million pounds of the freshest green chiles just for their restaurants. When the green chiles reach their height of flavor in August, Chuy’s sends a team to New Mexico to bring back the finest, fresh-picked chiles for the festival.

“Green Chile Festival is a huge part of the culture at Chuy’s. It’s our opportunity to showcase the one-of-a-kind flavor of the green chile, and the only time of the year we introduce new menu items,” said Frank Biller, vice president of operations for Chuy’s. “Our green chiles are as fresh and flavorful as they could be since they’re coming at the peak of the green chile harvest straight from the farms in Hatch. This year we’re sharing that journey with our customers.”

Chuy’s will be introducing a menu of seven green chile-inspired dishes during the three-week festival, including New Mexican Rolls, Hatch Valley Chicken Enchiladas and Tacos al Pastor. To cool down the palate, Chuy’s will feature a new Southern Niño frozen margarita made with Southern Comfort Cherry and the Forbidden Rita, a margarita made with Angry Orchard Hard Cider and served on the rocks. The popular New Mexican Martini, made with green chile infused tequila will also be featured during the festival.

During the festival, guests will be treated to giveaways, such as a commemorative button and green chile themed travel postcards. A limited edition Green Chile Festival T-shirt will also be available for purchase. Guests are encouraged to join in on the road-trip fun by visiting their local Chuy’s and taking a picture in front of a unique “road side attraction” or by taking a picture of their favorite Green Chile Festival food item and posting it to Instagram with #CHUYSGREENCHILEFEST for a chance to win Chuy’s for a year.

Chuy’s Green Chile Festival will be held at the Knoxville location from Monday, Aug. 19, through Sunday, Sept. 8.

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