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Celebrate National Pet Month with tech for your pet

May 19, 2022

Seventy percent of households in the United States have a pet. This, coupled with the continued integration of mobile technology into our daily lives, is influencing the advancement of pet tech. In recognition of National Pet Month in May, UScellular is highlighting how connectivity can make pet owning more convenient.

“From GPS collars to pet cameras and automatic litter box cleaners, there is a wide variety of pet tech products and services that can be managed directly from mobile devices,” said Thomas White, director of sales for UScellular in East Tennessee. “Each is designed to help streamline the responsibilities associated with pet ownership.”

Following is a selection of innovative pet technologies and apps.


  • While they are not designed for tracking pets, AirTag or Tile Mate can attach to a collar to keep track of your furry friends. They can be extremely precise using wireless technology to send a signal to your smartphone. The AirTag can provide data in real time using the “Find My” app on your Apple device. With select iPhone models, Precision Finding can lead right to your nearby AirTag. For a Tile Mate, the Bluetoothenabled device can be paired directly with your Tile app. When you want to find your pet, simply press the “Find” button.


  • By combining containment and wellness monitoring into one, smart collars are a great option – and many times are less expensive than a fence. With the help of an integrated smartphone app, pet parents can create virtual fences that use vibration, audible cues and ultrasonic sounds (individually or in combination) to correct pets and keep them in safe zones. Some products also can track distance and duration of all pet adventures as well as sleep time.


  • Nest Cams are packed with helpful features for pet owners, including cameras that can be placed both inside and outside of homes, making it easier to check on pets while away. Users also can keep up on training with the two-way talk feature on Nest Cam by placing the cameras in view of banned locations such as the garbage can. Simply speak into the Nest app to tell a pet to get out of the trash or to give positive reinforcement. While pets are unattended, this technology can even monitor the house for loud noises or barking and howling and will send a notification to a smartphone.


  • Have the freedom to feed and water pets from any location with the Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder. Automatic pet feeders, coupled with the mobile application, are great for feeding pets on schedule, as well as serving precise portions, so pets are always getting the nutrition that they need.


  • Never scoop again with Whisker’s Litter-Robot that outsmarts the chore of scooping a traditional litter box and gives kitty a clean place to go. This self-cleaning litter box can be used by multiple cats to keep smelly odors away. The app will notify owners through their smartphones when it is in use and when it is time to throw out the trash or replace the litter.


  • In the case of an emergency, American Red Cross Pet First Aid app can ease the stress. While not to be used in place of veterinarian care, this app provides several guidelines to help diagnose and provide care to pets before deciding whether they need emergency care. It is available on the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

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