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BinMayhem announces its first East Coast store in Knoxville

June 28, 2022

BinMayhem, a bin-based discount retail store, announces the opening of its first East Coast location in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Saturday, July 2.

Chris Levy and Jason Padovani are both successful entrepreneurs who started their careers in logistics and supply chain industry at Penske in 2005. Seeing an opportunity to enter the liquidation and close-out business and make waves in 2016, the partners opened the first BinMayhem on the West Coast.

BinMayhem has grown to be a household name in discount shopping, and the partners are excited to introduce the concept in Knoxville. The new store will be the first East Coast location of the wildly successful brand.

On July 2, BinMayhem will open its extreme discount super store at 5032 Clinton Highway in Knoxville.

“We offer the most extreme discount pricing on the best products in the market and customers travel on average 35 miles to visit our stores daily,” said Padovani, the CEO and co-founder of BinMayhem. “Now, we are excited to offer this unique shopping experience to the Tennessee market. Customers in Knoxville will be shocked by the sheer number of products and the deep discounts BinMayhem provides.”

BinMayhem is retail reimagined with a bin-based discount shopping experience and sells merchandise including electronics, food, health and beauty, pet, baby products, sporting goods, and more at extreme discounts. The ultimate “bargain hunter’s dream” is built on a descending price scale from Saturday through Friday with all merchandise for the entire day being sold based on the reflective day’s price point:

  • Saturday: $10
  • Sunday: $10
  • Monday: $8
  • Tuesday: $6
  • Wednesday: $4
  • Thursday: $2
  • Friday: Deal Day – a new special deal every week based on product supply

The store is fully restocked with new merchandise each week.

“Shopping at BinMayhem is always a fun experience and we are excited to bring the mayhem of extreme deals and bin shopping to Tennessee,” Padovani said. “You won’t be able to find a shopping experience like this anywhere else. It’s going to be a lot of fun; you are going to save a ton of money; and you won’t want to miss it!”

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