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Asbury Place emphasizes ways seniors can avoid falls

September 25, 2015

Sept. 25, 2015

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Fall Prevention Awareness Week observed Sept. 23-29

As cooler temperatures settle across East Tennessee and leaves begin to change colors, the first full week of fall will be celebrated Sept. 23-29. Since 2008, the elder care community has also recognized this period as Fall Prevention Awareness Week to educate seniors and their loved ones about how to avoid mishaps and resulting injuries.

Asbury Place director of lifestyles and wellness Maggie Cooper reminds residents of its Kingsport campus and all area seniors that there are easy ways to maintain balance. At the retirement community, Cooper leads fall prevention classes for residents and has also done public seminars on the subject.

“There are a few fitness exercises and best practices for living arrangements that can help prevent seniors from falling,” Cooper said. “Our classes at Asbury Place focus on exercises that support stability, but we discuss all the ways to avoid falling.”

To avoid a tumble, Cooper encourages seniors to follow four best practices, including:

A good balance and exercise program: Building balance, strength and flexibility as we age is important for our health. There are key exercises, such as squats and lunges, that can build key core and leg muscles.

Stay mindful: As we age, it is important to think about how we position our body as we move. For example, Cooper instructs her class participants to really think about using their entire foot for stability as they walk.

Conversations with your health care provider: Doctors can provide an assessment of your risk of falling. It is also important to regularly review the side effects of any medications to ensure they are not increasing that risk.

Vision and hearing screenings: Making sure your eyes and ears are working properly can help keep elders on their feet.

Keep the home safe: Removing tripping hazards and increasing lighting can go a long way to be sure no one trips. It can also be beneficial to install hand rails in key areas, such as stairs.

“At Asbury Place, we focus on keeping our residents active as we provide for their physical, intellectual, spiritual and social needs,” said Sandra Brown, Asbury Place Kingsport executive director. “Fall prevention is an important part of our services, and the national awareness week is an ideal time to emphasize the easy steps anyone can take to avoid falls.”

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