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March 30, 2014


March 30, 2014

For more information contact:
Jason Altman, Race Director
865-805-2476 mobile; or

Jennifer Lawson, Moxley Carmichael
865-255-0823 mobile

Top three male and female finishers in each race event listed:

Mark Chepses of Searcy, Ark., won the 10th annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon on Sunday, March 30. Chepses finished the 26.2-mile men’s full marathon with a time of 2:27:31.

Just 24 seconds behind Chepses was Knoxville’s Ethan Coffey, who came in second at 2:27:55. Abraham Kogo of Hebron, Ky., was third with a time of 2:33:06.

In the women’s category, the top spot went to Camille Herron of Warr Acres, Okla. Her time was 2:44:27. Kathy Wolski of Knoxville came in second at 3:03:27, and Andee Swann of Morristown came in third at 3:11:24.

Mark Chepses, of Searcy, Ark., won the 10 annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon on Sunday with a time of 2:27:31. Ethan Coffey of Knoxville was just 24 seconds behind him with a second-place finishing time of 2:27:55.  Covenant Health CEO Tony Spezia, left, and one of the race founders, Eddie Raymond, hold the tape. 


In the men’s half-marathon, first-place winner Patrick Cheptoek of Bowling Green, Ky., finished the course at 1:09:12. Shadrack Kiayai, of Hebron, Ky., was second with a time of 1:11:12. Third place for the men was Stewart Ellington of Farragut. He finished at 1:12:37.

In the women’s half-marathon, Marion Kandie, of Bowling Green, Ky., took the top spot with a time of 1:19:09. Jessica Marlier of Chattanooga finished second at 1:20:50. Gina Rouse of Knoxville finished third at 1:21:21.

In the men’s 5K run, Adam Merook, of Knoxville, took first with a time of 16:39. Eric Nelius of Knoxville finished second at 17:54, and Casey Fellhoelter of Knoxville finished third at 17:58.

Betsy Heines, of Knoxville, won the women’s 5K with a time of 19:44. Madison Grimm of Knoxville took second place at 21:07, and Jillian Lentz, of Clarksville, Tenn., took third place at 21:16.

The field also included six handcyclists and one racing wheelchair athlete who were supported by the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center’s Innovative Recreation Cooperative. David Neumer, of Kingston, Tenn., finished the full marathon with a time of 1:57:12, and Bruce Newman, of Stella, N.C., finished the full marathon at 2:04:45

Wheelchair competitor Matthew Porterfield, of Knoxville, finished the full marathon with a time of 2:19:46.

The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon also offered two- and four-person marathon relays, as well as the one-mile Covenant Kids Run.

“Congratulations to the winners and participants of this historic 10th annual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon,” said Tony Spezia, president and CEO of Covenant Health, the marathon’s title sponsor. “We are proud to celebrate a decade of increased fitness and fun in our community.”

The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is a premier event organized by the Knoxville Track Club, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the encouragement of physical well being through running, jogging, competitive road racing, racewalking, fun runs, cross-country and track and field.





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